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Hay 500 variedades de banano en el mundo, pero la que más se exporta se denomina Cavendish. Credit: Mauricio Ramos
There are some 500 banana varieties in the world, but the most exported is the Cavendish. Photo credit: Mauricio Ramos.

By Julio Godoy

"Transgenics will not save the banana"
In the wake of the storm caused by an article in New Scientist magazine, which predicts the disappearance within 10 years of a leading variety of the banana, the international organization tracking this fruit clarifies its stance in an exclusive dialogue with Tierramérica.
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El fronterizo río Usumacinta. Credit:  Mauricio Ramos
The border river Usumacinta. Photo credit: Mauricio Ramos.
By Edin Hernández

Specter of Usumacinta Dam Lingers
The hydroelectric dam mega-project on the river dividing Mexico and Guatemala is keeping environmental groups on edge, despite reassurances from authorities that it has been canceled.
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Credit: P. Cenini/FAO
Credit: P. Cenini/FAO

Bananas and Plantains
Bananas and plantains are fruits thousands of years old that have become an important food for humans. The banana trade is a dynamic market and has led to scientific delving into its genetics and its possibilities for ecological production.
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Transgenic soy is depressing prices on the world market... Organic coffee output up in Cuba... More oil spills in Venezuela due to strike... Water Festival celebrated in El Salvador... Successful exchange of recyclables for food in Venezuelan city... New regulations for environmental impact statements in Guatemala.
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