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Credit: Photo Stock.
Credit: Photo Stock.
By Sanjay Suri

Are Climate Change Measurements Wrong?
There is a stir in the scientific community as two experts challenge the widely accepted climate change reports issued by an intergovernmental panel. One of the critics, David Henderson, explained their doubts in a conversation with Tierramérica.

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Credit: Photo Stock
Credit: Photo Stock.
By Mario Osava

The Banana Wars against Fungus

Researchers are trying to protect the banana from its numerous enemies, and one of the tools they could use is to develop genetically modified varieties that are more resistant to pests. In Brazil, the greatest threat is black sigatoka fungus.

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P & R
Katia Cardenal
Deepak Chopra. Photo credit: Body, Mind & Spirit photo gallery
Tierramérica Editor's Desk

Deepak Chopra:
"Arrogant unilateralism will create further resentment"

The current U.S.-Iraq crisis is an opportunity to look at the real issues of our time, Deepak Chopra says in this dialogue with Tierramérica. He warns that war is not compatible with sustainable development and suggests that the world needs to find more creative solutions to its problems.

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Antigua es patrimonio cultural de la humanidad. Credit: Photo Stock
Aerial view of Espíritu Santo Island, Mexico
By Pilar Franco

Espíritu Santo Out to Conquer Eco-Tourism
This beautiful Mexican island, a protected area for more than a quarter century, is being promoted as an international model for ecological tourism.
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Fuente: Bizarri/FAO
Satellite photo of the Persian Gulf. Photo Source: NASA

Parties to War
The drums of war have been sounding louder and louder during the past few months, and their echo is felt worldwide. Although an official conflict has not been declared, the tensions are evident, and have led to an avalanche of information on the Internet.
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Tourism boosts revenues for Argentina's national parks… Impact study of mining in central Peru… Water shortages in Colombia… Monarch still in danger in Mexico… Raising tilapia fish stirs the waters in Nicaragua… Guatemala draws up environmental profile… Costa Rica seeks to reinforce Central America's protected areas .

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