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By José Eduardo Mora

Pacific Corridor Soon More Than Just Words
Two years after being announced, an initiative is being finalized to protect five Latin American archipelagos in the Pacific.
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By María Isabel García

The Troubled Waters of the Magdalena
For the first time ever, there will be oil drilling along Colombia's nationally symbolic river, which is already suffering the effects of deforestation and contamination
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Credit: Fabricio Van Den Broeck
By Javier Ponce

Can a Small Indigenous Community Be a Threat to a Nation?
The dispute between the Kichwa peoples of Sarayacu and the Ecuadorian government goes beyond petroleum exploitation: it challenges the notion of a united and homogeneous state.

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By Cristina Hernández

Controversy Surrounds 'Nano' Matter
Canadian scientists warn that a moratorium on nanotechnology could create a disparity much like the digital divide that separates rich countries from poor.


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Underwater view of a spiny lobster (Panulirus argus). / Photo credit: Claudio Contreras
By Giovanna Tassi

Death Looms Over Indian Divers
Thousands of Miskito Indians have been physically disabled as a result of the dangers of lobster diving. The Honduran government is considering new fishing regulations for this lucrative export.

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Fight Against Slavery
2004 is the International Year to Commemorate the Struggle Against Slavery and its Abolition. A half-century since its international prohibition, new forms of slavery persist around the world today.

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Telescopio Hubble. Crédito: HST
Campaign in U.S. to save the Hubble space telescope... Mexican authorities accused of allowing illegal dolphin imports... Protecting Guatemala's reefs... Planting trees to save Honduran ecosystem... Chromium and titanium found in Nicaragua... Network of Argentine environmentalist lawyers to debut in March....
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