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Indigenous Emberá girl in Panama. / Photo credit: Mauricio Ramos
By María Amparo Lasso

Gene Study Puts Indians on Guard
Indigenous peoples in Latin America cast a suspicious eye towards the Genographic Project, which aims to study their genes to determine how their ancestors populated the planet. A U.S.-based NGO is calling for a boycott.

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Cabins for temporary use by fisherfolk in the Iraqi wetlands. / Photo Credit: Eden Again Project
By Katherine Stapp

Water Returns to Iraq's Eden
The rehabilitation of wetlands in the region known since ancient times as Mesopotamia stands to benefit four million people.

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Credit: Fabricio Van Den Broeck
By Javier Ponce

The Losers in the Andean Free Trade Agreement
The free trade treaty being negotiated with the United States threatens 50 percent of Ecuador's small farmers. The political instability in this country -- with former president Lucio Gutiérrez seeking asylum in Brazil -- is complicating finalization of the agreement.

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Kyoto, a remedy for garbage in Brazil... Plans to stop coastal erosion in Cuba... Guatemala to sell certified lumber... Chile measures glacial melt... Venezuelan lake in emergency situation… Aerodrome threatens Maya ruins…
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