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A forest ranger patrols an area of mangroves in the Mexican Pacific.
Photo credit: Claudio Contreras
By Diego Cevallos

Shrimp Industry Devastating Mangrove Forests
Ecuador and Honduras have suffered the worst cases of loss of coastal mangrove forests, warned the United Nations Environment Program on the occasion of World Environment Day.

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Gerd Leipold.
Photo credit: Greenpeace
By María Amparo Lasso

Greenpeace's Glory Days Are Not Over
Although its impact in the industrialized world has been on the decline, peaceful protest will continue to be the driving force behind Greenpeace activities, said the group's executive director Gerd Leipold in a conversation with Tierramérica. Greenpeace is now setting its sights on Latin America and Asia

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By Mario Osava

Hope in Stem Cells for Thousands of Weak Hearts
Brazilian doctors are beginning a pioneering study using stem cells in cardiac patients. If they are successful, in three years this new therapy could save as many as 200,000 lives in this South American nation.

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To the rescue of Venezuela's Guaire River... Guatemala's bridges in danger... Chilean peasants promote reforestation... Business owners bet on Brazil's environment...

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